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Glowlink Successfully Fielded 4th Generation Single Satellite Geolocation (SSG™) System

January 5th, 2015

Los Altos, California, January 5, 2015: Glowlink today announced they have successfully fielded their latest version of Single Satellite Geolocation System (SSG™) in a geographical region of the world that is prone to both accidental and deliberate interferences.

Based on Glowlink’s proprietary and patented technologies, SSG™ does not require a second satellite for locating ground based satellite interferences. Instead, it can locate the interference transmitter—both intentional and unintentional—using just the affected satellite. SSG™ performs geolocation operation directly on the interference signal itself to extract the emitter location, thus avoiding dependency on any a priori information about the carrier or the interferer, such as the carrier’s identity or prior incidents of offences by the interferer.

“SSG™ 4G has much improved performance and ease of use over prior versions and is compatible with Glowlink’s 4G interference monitoring products,” said Michael Downey, Glowlink’s Chief Technology Officer, “Together with the recently announced companion product from Glowlink, the GS380L, which can be used to digitally remove blocking carriers, these technologies basically ensure that there can no longer be any excuse as to why a geolocation cannot be run successfully.”

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California, USA, Glowlink is a premier developer of high-end satellite communications and interference mitigation equipment.