Glowlink offers the world’s most advanced, innovative and affordable products designed for improving satellite communications quality and mitigating the effects of interferences.


These products are designed with a laser focus on customer needs both current and anticipated, using state-of-the-art digital signal processing (DSP) technologies, powerful mathematical algorithms, advance smart manufacturing techniques, and modern enlightened user sensibilities. The results are products that simply work, are affordable, and peerless in a market that is saturated with unimaginative, ineffective, and costly products.


Glowlink’s products are targeted at helping customers improve the overall quality of satellite communications and mitigate the growing problem of interferences with tools and technologies designed to prevent, detect, locate, and remove the problem. Our products include satellite access planning, carrier and spectrum monitoring, interference detection, emitter geolocation, and uplink power control, all designed with the ultimate ease of use and affordability in mind.