Geolocation Products

Glowlink designs and manufactures the world’s most sophisticated satellite interference geolocation products. These products offer powerful features and capabilities, are easy to use and learn, and are competitively priced.

Because of these compelling attributes, Glowlink’s geolocation offerings have quickly become the most widely used and deployed geolocation products on the market.

The standard commercially available Model 8000, first introduced in 2006, has built-in spectrum monitoring and interference detection capabilities, making the detection, capture and geolocation of an interferer a seamless, simple and effective process. It is the only product on the market to have these capabilities integrated in a single, compact chassis, dramatically simplifying equipment transport, installation and logistical support.

The Model 8000 is joined by Glowlink’s proprietary Single Satellite Geolocation (SSG) product and the innovative GS380L– Geolocation Signal Enhancement System. Together they form a suite of geolocation products that are capable of mitigating the toughest and intractable interferences problems facing the satellite industry.