SATCOM Downconverter / Switch Unit

Glowlink’s GL950 Downconverter/Switch Unit is a high-speed, high-performing downconverter and switching product used in conjunction with Glowlink’s spectrum monitoring and geolocation products. It offers a level of response time and reliability that substantially exceed (4X and up) similar products on the market.

The GL950 interfaces with the ground station at L-band, tunes across an extended L-band, and can switch among multiple inputs.

Key Benefits

  • Extended L-Band input coverage 950 – 2150 MHz.
  • 30 dB adjustable gain
  • Rapid switching and tuning speed with fast settle time
  • Automated switching to an external 10 MHz reference source
  • Compatible with Glowlink spectrum monitoring and geolocation products
  • Phase noise performance exceeds IESS-308/309 standards
  • Single chassis construction for ease of transport, maintenance and logistical support