MODEL 1000×2

Dual-Channel Satellite Spectrum Monitoring System
Glowlink’s Model 1000×2 is a dual-channel sister product of the Model 1000, designed to measure and monitor two satellite spectrum paths concurrently and independently. The Model 1000×2 is essentially two Model 1000 units housed in one single chassis, delivering substantial cost savings and system compactness for ease of transport and maintenance. The Model 1000×2 preserves all the signal measurement capabilities and features of the Model 1000.

Key Benefits

  • Dual channel system monitors two satellite spectrums concurrently and independently
  • Powerful 115 dB front-end dynamic range unmatched by other market available products
  • Detects, measures and displays in-band interference using Glowlink’s globally patented Signal Under Carrier (SunCar™)
  • Detects and measures transponder compression using Glowlink’s patented Transponder Operating Point (TOP™)
  • Unique Paired-Carrier monitoring capability
  • Automatic detection and measurement of carriers with or without carrier plan information
  • Compatible with DVBS and DVBS2 signaling
  • Automatic modulation recognition for PSK, APSK and QAM modulation types
  • Automatic FEC recognition for convolutional and LDPC codes
  • Automated background and interactive monitoring modes
  • Generates carrier and transponder alarms using user defined limits
  • Generates alarms on unauthorized accesses, in-band interferences, missing carriers and other metrics
  • Provides local and remote access via standard TCP/IP networking interface
  • Cost and space savings over two separate Model 1000 units
  • Single chassis construction for ease of transport, maintenance and logistical support