MODEL 1030

Ultra Wideband Satellite Spectrum Monitoring System

Glowlink’s Model 1030 is an ultra wideband satellite spectrum monitoring system with an unprecedented 300 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW). This state-of-the-art ultra wideband capability, combined with its unmatched 115 dB dynamic range, makes the Model 1030 the ideal solution for monitoring an entire satellite beam or beams without re-tuning.

As a member of Glowlink’s advance DSP based carrier spectrum monitoring products, the Model 1030 preserves the same powerful signal processing algorithms, compelling product features and innovative technologies including Signal Under Carrier (SunCar™), Transponder Operating Point (TOP™), and Paired-Carrier monitoring. Its single-chassis configuration makes the Model 1030 simple to transport, use and support.

Key Benefits

  • Unprecedented 300 MHz IBW with 115 dB dynamic range
  • Monitors and characterizes wideband carriers and entire satellite beams without re-tune
  • Detects, captures and characterizes fast sweeping or frequency hopping interferences
  • Detects, measures and displays in-band interference using Glowlink’s globally patented Signal
  • Under Carrier (SunCar™)
  • Detects and measures transponder compression using Glowlink’s patented Transponder Operating Point (TOP™)
  • Unique Paired-Carrier monitoring capability
  • Automatic detection and measurement of carriers with or without carrier plan information
  • Compatible with DVBS and DVBS2 signaling
  • Automatic modulation recognition for PSK, QAM and APSK modulation types
  • Automatic FEC recognition for convolutional and LDPC codes
  • Automated background and interactive monitoring modes
  • Generates carrier and transponder alarms using user defined limits
  • Generates alarms on unauthorized accesses, in-band interferences, missing carriers and other metrics
  • Provides local and remote access via standard TCP/IP networking interface
  • Single chassis construction for ease of transport, maintenance and logistical support