VSAT X-Pol Alignment and Commissioning System (VXCS™)

Glowlink’s VSAT X-Pol Alignment and Commissioning System (VXCS™) is a revolutionary new system for commissioning VSAT terminals. It provides the VSAT installer the direct, intuitive feedback needed to accurately align the VSAT antenna and its polarization, properly set transmit power, and in the process reduce satellite interferences. In addition, it provides VSAT Service Providers the tools for conducting routine terminal alignment checks without interrupting service or sending out field personnel.

Fast, accurate and easy-to-use, VXCS™ reduces costs and workloads for VSAT Installers, NOC Personnel and VSAT Service Providers alike. By automating the most time-consuming tasks of VSAT terminal commissioning, VXCS™ can significantly reduce human error and satellite interferences.

Key tasks dramatically simplified by VXCS™ include:

  • Antenna Pointing/Peaking
  • Polarization Alignment
  • Uplink Power Adjustment