Services & Support


Commercial and government organizations have grown to trust and depend on Glowlink’s solutions to improve communications quality and to prevent, detect, locate, and remove satellite interference problems. Glowlink believes strongly in providing the highest quality solutions and support to meet our customers’ needs. Our in-house domain expertise and seasoned experiences combined with extensive earth station and field experiences enable us to provide effective support offerings, including (click or scroll to learn more):

Geolocation Support

Today’s communications satellites are increasingly subjected to interferences from a variety of ground-based sources. In addition to its geolocation products, Glowlink offers a range of geolocation support to assist our customers in resolving and removing their satellite interferences by helping determine the emitter’s location. Our in-house geolocation experts can assist with services ranging from conducting a study to determining the best interference mitigation technique and technology, to analysis of signal environment, to running geolocation as a complete service.

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System Solutions Support

Glowlink recognizes and understands the importance of helping customers maximize the performance of their satellite communications assets-both space and ground. Glowlink’s engineers can assist you by analyzing your network management requirements, recommending solutions customized to your needs, and delivering solutions that alleviates the burden of system integration while reducing overall system acquisition, operation and maintenance costs.

Product Development & Manufacturing Updates

Glowlink’s products are designed to be flexible, scalable and easy to use, taking full advantage of the newest and best technological advances. By doing so, and by incorporating our customers’ feedback on an on-going basis, Glowlink’s products, from development to manufacturing to performance in the field, are constantly improved and updated to meet and even to anticipate our customers’ evolving requirements and needs.

System Installation

Glowlink provide system installation support and can customize equipment installation and integration support to match your needs, including site survey, pre-install equipment staging, and on-site installation support. We are committed to working with you throughout the installation process to ensure the highest level of service satisfaction and deployment success.


Glowlink provides comprehensive courses for all of the products to train customer personnel to properly operate and maintain these systems. The courses are structured so that they meet the training needs of a range of student backgrounds, from novice users to experienced system operators. Training courses are offered at Glowlink’s facilities and can also be conducted at customer sites.
The training course topics include the following:

  • Proper installation and checkout
  • System theory of operations
  • Operations
  • Upgrade and maintenance procedures
  • System administration
  • Troubleshooting

Consulting Services & Demonstrations

Glowlink’s professionals have a wealth of experience in areas including satellite communications, ground station equipment and operations, geolocation of interferences, carrier monitoring, digital signal processing, and cyber security – to name a few. We offer an array of consulting support services aimed at finding the most effective and cost-saving solutions for customers’ operations needs. These services include on-site surveys, equipment demonstrations, system studies, remote and on-site operational support to help customers meet their operational and business objectives.

Operations & Maintenance

Glowlink products are backed by seasoned experts and support personnel throughout their operational life cycle. Our highly trained professionals work to ensure that customers’ operational and maintenance questions are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Glowlink also offers on-site operations and maintenance support, with our field engineering personnel working hand-in-hand with customers in system operation and maintenance to ensure maximum performance throughout the system’s life cycle.

Maintenance Plans

Glowlink offers system and software maintenance plans to ensure our customers have the latest product offering and to keep their systems up to date. These offerings range from product upgrades with the latest features to complete hardware and software maintenance so that customers’ purchases are virtually obsolescence-free.

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