Technologies to mitigate satellite interference


In direct support of the company mission, all Glowlink technologies were invented with the following clear objectives: mitigate satellite interferences and improve overall communications quality, while making the products based on them affordable and easy to use.

These include technologies invented to prevent, detect, locate and remove satellite interferences:

  • CSIR™ (Communications Signal Interference Removal technology), which separates interferences from a communications signal before reaching the receiver
  • Geolocation techniques with unmatched performance for all types of interfering signals
  • Proven Single Satellite Geolocation (SSG™) capabilities
  • Geolocation with built-in spectrum monitoring
  • Geolocation with carrier-cancellation capabilities for improved results
  • Signal acquisition that combines wide instantaneous bandwidth and high dynamic range
  • SunCar™ — a patented technology for carrier-under-carrier monitoring
  • TOP™ — a patented technology to prevent transponder compression and saturation
  • Powerful uplink power control algorithms
  • Techniques for measuring cross polarization isolation using modulated carriers
  • SAMS™ – Satellite capacity management system that can plan traffic for both fixed and mobile satcom networks
  • Advance network design for maximum system robustness and reliability
  • State-of-the-art high-speed downconversion and switching technologies